Bonaroo 2014 Mani

Hi everyone!
I can’t believe I completely forgot to post my Bonnaroo nails during the summer! *face palm* I guess I’ll show it to you now…3 months later.


Like last year, I tried to stay with the color scheme of this year’s Roo. The theme was a lot of bold, bright colors with accents of black and white.


I’ll go through this mani step-by-step.
1. I painted each nail with 2 coats of color. This includes Sinful Colors Shock And Awe(blue), Innocent(lime green), Dream On(fuschia) and Wet N Wild’s Red Red.
2. I used a black cream to make the flower-stars with an art brush. Then I used white to make dots within each flower-stars.
3. Then I used a silver foil polish to dot randomly on each nail.
4. Top coat it all!
I really enjoyed doing my nails for this year’s Bonnaroo because of the colors and I got to use my nail art brush for the first time.
Anyways, I hoped you liked my mani!
P.S. here’s a pic of the famous Roo Arch and Fountain!




e.l.f. Raspberry Sorbet, Gold Star and Electric Pink

Hi everyone!
It’s been so long since I’ve posted a blog, but I think I’m going to blog when I can. This blog started as a homework assignment for my digital media class and now I use it to express my love for nail polish. However, I don’t want to make this blog a career; I want to have fun with it. So I apologize to my followers for the changes and random posts, but I hope you like what I have to say.
Now to the nail polish. Today I have 3 swatches from e.l.f.’s holiday gift set which included a bunch of minis. My little sister received it as a gift from a friend and then gave it to me to keep since I’m obsessed with lacquer. Don’t you love free stuff?! 😍
First up is Raspberry Sorbet, which is a beautiful medium raspberry cream. This is 2 easy coats. Then, I used 2 coats of Gold Star to accent my ring finger. Gold Star is a gold glitter topper in a clear base. It has medium and small glitter. I think this is a decent glitter topper because the payoff was okay since I had to dab it on my nails.


Raspberry Sorbet and Gold Star plus top coat

Last on this post is Electric Pink, which is a great bright red toned pink. It might even lean more coral than red, but I’m not completely sure. Like Raspberry Sorbet, it was a easy 2 coats plus an accent of Gold Star on my ring finger.


Electric Pink and Gold Star plus top coat

Out of the two colors, I really like how Electric Pink turned out. It is gorgeous color for my skin tone. Also, I think Electric Pink is a great year round color. Raspberry Sorbet seems to be a color for the fall, but there is nothing wrong with seasonal shades.
Anyways, I hoped you liked my swatches!

Wet n Wild’s Wild Shine in Blue Moon

Hi everyone! Today I have a quick swatch of Wet n Wild Blue Moon.


This pretty polish is dark blue with a gorgeous green/teal shimmer. You can’t see it on my nails unfortunately, but in real life the shimmer glows from underneath the blue and adds a lot of depth to the color. As for the formula, it was smooth and I only needed 2 coats for opacity. This is such a beautiful color and it was only 99 cents (plays Macklemore in the background). I think that’s my favorite thing about this polish: the price is too good to be true for a polish this nice and yet you can still buy it at any drugstore.
Anyways, I hope you liked my swatch. 🙂

Sinful Colors Precious Metal

Hi everyone! Today I have a simple swatch from Sinful Colors.


This is Sinful Colors Precious Metal, which is a steel blue with metallic shimmer. It took me 4 coats for full coverage because the formula was very thin. The drying time took longer than expected since it was so thin and I got a couple dents on my nails. Also, I used top coat to cover the dents for the picture.
I have shown this color to you before in my Purity Ring mani where I used Zoya Natty as a base, but I wanted to show you what it looked like without undies. Besides the number of coats, this is very pretty deep steel blue. Plus the shimmer makes it interesting.
Anyways, I hoped you liked my swatch. 🙂

Revlon China Flower

Hi everyone! Today I quick swatch of Revlon China Flower from the Parfumerie collection.


China Flower is beautifully bright red crelly. The formula was really opaque and you could definitely get away with doing only one coat. I decided to do two just for good measure. One thing I did notice about the formula was that it dried very quickly so I had to be careful painting over the same spot or else it would get goopy on the nail.
As for the scent, I like it a lot. It’s a very light floral fragrance, almost like jasmine but not as sweet. It kind of reminds me of the floral section at Michael’s lol. Revlon has done a great job with matching the scents with the names.
Anyways I hope you liked my swatch!

My Very First Stamping Nail Art!

Hi everyone! Ahh! I’m so delightfully excited to show you actual nail art! And its not half bad for a rookie too! Ahh! Lol
I have always psyched myself out when it comes to actually doing nail art. I follow a lot of nail blogs and those people have such beautiful manicures that I feel like even trying to do anything is worthless. But this mani definitely boosted my confidence, especially in stamping because I find it very difficult.


Before I talk about my stamping, I wanna review my base for my nail art. In the right top corner of my picture is Zoya Rue, a beautiful rose nude from the Naturel Collection. This color is perfect on my skin tone. Rue looks flattering and yet it flatters in the most subtle way…so pretty! Like all Zoya polishes, the formula was great and it was only 2 coats.
Now onto the nail art. On my middle, ring and pinky fingers I used Konad m90 with Sinful Colors Snow Me White. Then I used Sinful Colors This Is It to dot the center of each concentric circle. For my index finger I used a thin nail art brush to make the lines and the dots on top using the same colors as previously mentioned. Last is top coat.
Stamping is really tedious task for me because I usually don’t have the right polish to stamp with or the design doesn’t apply to the nail or I rolled the design on my nail in the wrong direction. It can be so annoying that I don’t want to bother with it. Hopefully this little success of mine will keep me going to do more nail art because I really think I could do some great work. I dunno, maybe or maybe not. I do know that I’ll still love nail polish for as long as I have nails lol.
Anyways, I hope you liked my nail art! 🙂

Jordana Pink Bunny

Hi everyone! Right now I have a quick swatch of Jordana Pink Bunny.


This pretty polish is one I’ve had in my stash since the beginning of my polish obsession. I bought Pink Bunny with a bunch of other Jordana polishes a couple years ago from a local nail salon supply store. The polish is cute bubblegum pink creme. However, the photo makes this color brighter than it actually is. It’s a bit more dusty in real life. Also, I must say that this one can be streaky if you’re not patient. For this mani, I needed 3 coats to cover all the streaks but I think I missed a couple spots. Other than that, I think this is a good standard bubblegum pink for its price ( I got mine for $1.25, I think).
Anyways, I hope you liked my swatch.

My 22nd Birthday Mani

Hi everyone! I’m super excited to show you my birthday mani! My birthday was on Monday and it was really laid back. I played video games all day, drank lots of chocolate milk (one of my fav drinks EVER!), and then had dinner at a good BBQ restaurant that I’ve never tried before. Last year’s mani was clean and classy, but this time around I wanted something a little more spontaneous.


Sorry for that gray boxy thing at the bottom of my pic. My phone has been acting glitchy lately.

Like usual, I will explain this in steps.
1. I painted my index, middle and pinky fingers with a white coat of Sinful Colors Snow Me White.
2. Then I created a gradient effect by sponging on Urban Outfitter’s Hot Tub over the white using the method from The Nailasaurus.
3. I painted my ring finger in Urban Outfitter’s Storm.
4. Dotted the gray nail with Sinful Colors Unicorn and Jordana Pink Bunny.
5. Top coat!
If you didn’t know, I love pink so I wanted a mani that had plenty of it! My gradients are slowly becoming better, but one day I’ll get them perfect. I do wish I did my dots better. I think I might invest in dotting tools soon because im running out of toothpicks loll. Plus, dotting tools are reusable…so I guess that makes them more earth-friendly, just more of a reason to buy them!
Anyways, I hope you liked my birthday mani. I’m gonna go finish my ice cream cake now, byeee!

My Boredom Mani

Hi everyone! The semester has finally ended and I can breathe easier now. Besides job hunting, my summer has been good so far; lots of sleeping and hours of video games and doing nothing in particular…just the way I like it. Sometimes it does get a little boring around the house, so the best way to pass the time is to paint my nails (for most people this is boring too, but not for someone who’s obsessed with nail polish lol).  The mani I have to show you is nothing great, however I wanted to show you the power of a good duochrome topper.


Left: with flash Right: without flash

This is Sinful Colors Rain Song. I’ve showed you this topper before over black, but its so different on other colors especially for a drugstore brand. I have Rain Song over Zoya Blu. You can see the difference it makes over  Blu’s soft blue porcelain color. It shifts from pink to green to purple to teal. Rain Song is also filled with lots of shimmer. It’s one of those polishes you always keep staring at.
I decided to keep experimenting more with Rain Song so I wanted to see how it looks over glitter.


Left: with flash. Right bottom corner: without flash

For this, I painted one coat of Love & Beauty’s Midnight (a clear base with blue microglittet and silver hexagon glitter), then I topped it with Rain Song. The color shift is a lot less noticeable, but it does add a pearlescent finish to the mani.
To be honest, I don’t like this look from up close. Yet from afar, the shift of green on the lavender finish looks pretty cool and the silver glitter adds a nice little flash to it.
Anyways, I hoped you liked my random mani.

Sinful Colors Citrine

Hi everyone! Long time, no blog lol. I have been so busy with my sorority, I haven’t had any time to swatch or just paint my nails for fun but today I do! I have a quick swatch from Sinful Colors.


This is Citrine, she is a very pretty red toned orange crelly. A crelly is a polish that is both a jelly and a cream, it appears squishy but is not transparent. The formula was very nice; it was 2 easy coats and it dried quickly.
For this mani, I used 2 coats of NOPI Confetti Fun on index and ring finger for a little contrast. I love how this glitter looks great on any color polish.
Anyways I hoped you liked my swatch!